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Book "Selenium, Health, Person" V.D. Kurtov.
  • Book "Selenium, Health, Person" V.D. Kurtov.

Book "Selenium, Health, Person" V.D. Kurtov.

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Kurtov V. D. is the founder of the company "Ekovod" which is engaged fiziko - in chemical properties of the electroactivated water, received from the electrolyzers of water developed and released by this company. The know - how of the enterprise is the silicon electrode sating water during electrochemical processing of water, silicon ions.

Biologically active element selenium (Se) is a part of the majority of hormones and enzymes at the person and therefore, is connected with all bodies and systems. Vosprizvodstvo of generations, development, aging - Selenium actively participates in each of these processes. Its biologically active role is connected with its antioksidatny properties.

You will find councils for application of "Neoselen" with the electroactivated water on pages of this book. Application of selenic preparations render good medical and preventive effect at many diseases, promote clarification of an organism from slags and toxic substances, increase immunity and strengthen processes of self - control of an organism.


Table of contents


Element of the table of Mendeleyev

"Neoselen" in therapy of various diseases

Tumoral diseases

Malignant tumors

Benign tumors

Myoma, mastopathy

Prostate gland adenoma

Adenoma of a thyroid gland


Blood diseases




Radiation sickness. The consequence ionizing and other types of radiation

Disease of respiratory organs

Bronchial asthma

Tuberculosis of lungs

Diseases it is warm ― vascular system

Selenodefitsitny cardiomyopathy (keshansky illness)

Kardiopatiya with violation of a warm rhythm (arrhythmia)

Coronary heart disease. Heart attack




Disease of abdominal organs


Hepatitis, zhelchekamennny illness

Urolithic illness, pyelonephritis

Disease of the musculoskeletal device

Osteochondrosis, arthrosis, osteodystrophy

Fractures of bones

Dysplasia of bones (scolioses)

Rheumatoid polyarthritis

Rheumatic diseases (Bekhterev's illness, nodular periarteriit, vaskulit)

Disease of nervous system

Strokes, recovering from paralyzes, normalization of the lost memory.

Polyneuritis, Parkinson's illness, multiple sclerosis

Children's cerebral palsy

Endocrine diseases


Disease of a thyroid gland (giperplaziya of a thyroid gland, gipertireoz, thyrotoxicosis)

Skin diseases

Psoriasis, neurodermatitis, scaly deprive


Disease of organs of vision

Cataract, makulodistrofiya

Oral cavity disease

Pregnancy, childbirth, child

Prevention of presenilation

Selenium and pets

Selenium in a garden and a kitchen garden


The edition second added.

Ecowaters wishes all a good health and longevity!

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 24.11.2021

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