For customers: Ekovod OOO ,  Ecovod LTD, Ukraine, ALL.BIZ:  Ukraine
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Ekovod OOO , Ecovod LTD

For customers Ekovod OOO , Ecovod LTD

Dear customers of electroactivators Ekovod!

Buying our production, you obtain from the company Ekovod an official guarantee for free service of electroactivators of water for a period of 1 year! And on magnetizyora of water and fuel - the guarantee is given for a period of 3 years! On all questions, concerning repair, replacement, testing and service of Ekovod electroactivators, we ask to address to "The service center"
Ukraine, Kiev, Starokiyevskaya St., 27.
ph. +380442387608 or +380974119734

We ask to be extremely attentive, buying Ekovod electroactivators!
To buy, repair, change and serve devices - only at our partners declared on the main website "Ekovod"
Responsibility for the devices bought not from us or our partners, and also the electroactivators which are handed over on repair, service, etc. not in the specified "Service centers", our company does not bear.



for customers Ekovod OOO , Ecovod LTD Ukraine, ALL.BIZ: Ukraine