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The EAV-6 ionizer Pearls with the block
  • The EAV-6 ionizer Pearls with the block
  • The EAV-6 ionizer Pearls with the block
  • The EAV-6 ionizer Pearls with the block

The EAV-6 ionizer Pearls with the block

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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The offered EAV-6zhemchug model (with the stabilization block) is recommended for areas with the raised water mineralization (Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Zaporizhia, Nikolaev, Odessa). It is recommended for a family of 2-3 people.

The Ekovod-eto activator a water purifier of bulk type which not only clears and disinfects water and and sates it with ions of oxygen and silicon that gives it the revitalizing effect. Ekovod is advantage of the electroactivator its multifunctionality, namely water purification takes place several stages: cleaning of salts of metals, cleaning of organic compounds, cleaning of chlorine, full disinfecting of water (100%), water saturation with ions of silicon and oxygen. Plus to everything devices of electrochemical processing of water Ekovod not roads, are reliable, durable and convenient in an ekspuatation as they have no expendables demanding frequent replacement. The silicon anode in use gradually wears out, a resource of its work more than 8000 liters of water. It is a replaceable element which can be replaced in our Service center.

For preparation of biologically active water the device is filled with usual water from the crane (a well, a well, the pump room, etc.). In lateral (cathodic) chambers water level has to be 2 cm lower from the top level of a membrane. The average (anode) chamber is filled to the top level of a level. Then we cover EAV-6 and we include in a network, at the same time the bulb lights up. When process of electroactivation is finished - the filter will automatically be switched-off and you will hear a sound signal (melody). The preparation time of water lasts of 20 min. till 1 o'clock.

Ekovod among other existing filters (cleaners) of water is big advantage of the activator the fact that the buyer at each preparation of water sees quantity of the deposit removed from water, 100% quality of drinking water are provided at full electrical safety. The buyer has an opportunity to receive three types of water: Alkaline (a catholyte, live), sour (anolyte, dead) and mixed (drinking).



Extent of cleaning:

from rigidity salts - not less than 70%,

from iron, zinc, lead, nitrates (catholyte) - 97%,

from nitrites - 98,5%,

from microorganisms - 100%,


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 06.05.2021

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