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Turpentine bathtubs according to A.S. Zalmanov, a white emulsion
  • Turpentine bathtubs according to A.S. Zalmanov, a white emulsion

Turpentine bathtubs according to A.S. Zalmanov, a white emulsion

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Turpentine bathtubs according to A. S. Zalmanov, a white emulsion

At the beginning of last century the universal remedy of complex improvement and rejuvenation of an organism – turpentine bathtubs was created. The author of this technique doctor A. S. Zalmanov called it a kapillyaroterapiya. Two types of liquid were offered: solution and emulsion. The general bathtubs with a white emulsion cause moderate increase of arterial pressure, bathtubs with yellow solution considerably lower arterial pressure. The principle of bathtubs is simple: the highly effective oils and terpenta in a complex with fatty acids enriched with minerals get through an integument and speed up work of capillaries, practically squeezing and unclenching them. Such massage opens the blocked vessels, providing a drainage of fabrics, releases them from slag deposits that does these bathtubs by the most readily available and reliable method of cleaning of an organism. At the same time first of all body skin is cleared.

Turpentine bathtubs represent harmless means of fight against aging as well as with an illness. One of advantages of turpentine bathtubs is reduced to the fact that they can be applied all the year round in difference, for example, from a heatbalneotherapy season in the resort when using bathings in the sea and heliotherapy.


Short list of improving effects of turpentine bathtubs of Zalmanov:

- Reduce body weight

- Clear vessels of slags

- Restore a metabolism

- Restore articulate a cartilage

- Relieve of joint and backbone pain

- Increase elasticity of skin, smooth wrinkles

- Increase immunity and bactericidal properties of blood

- Normalize a blood - groove and food of all fabrics and bodies.

White turpentine bathtubs recommend to those who have a lowered or normal blood pressure. After five baths (which take once a day) it is necessary to pass to mixed and to accept them every other day.

The white emulsion causes big disclosure of capillaries, gymnastics of vessels, moderate rise in arterial pressure, deeper breath, increase in inflow of oxygen, less rough combustion of metabolites in comparison with yellow solution, promotes relaxation of muscles and sheaves. Thus no delay in heat organism is observed. Increase in number of systoles (reductions) in capillaries is felt by the patient as vibration or prickings of electric current in extremities.


Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 06.05.2021

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